We believe you have decided to become your own boss. And being your own boss means you have already made a decision on the type of business that you want to pursue in France. Since you might be new to the business environment you have chosen in France surely you will need some wise words whispered into your ears. And the best we can do for you is letting you know the benefits as well as the some of the problems you might likely encounter when you are setting up a business in France. So, on that note, lets get to it!

The Exciting Benefits of Starting a Business in France

In France you are able to start a business as an individual enterprise or (Enterprise individuelle). This is also known as the sole proprietorship. It is relatively very easy to set up and it is very popular for new entrepreneurs.

This type of business is well known as micro entrepreneurs and it was previously called the auto entrepreneurs. The main reason it is quite known is because it consists of a very different tax status. The tax status is way more favourable compared to other businesses such as the private limited company.

Moreover, another benefit is having a good purchasing power. This simply means that from the population size France consist of a very purchasing power. The GDP of the country in 2016 was being reported to be around EUR2.42 trillion, whilst GDP per capital was deemed to be around EUR42,000.

However, the country also managed to record a GDP growth of 1.3% in 2016 especially for https://www.royalejackpotcasino.com/. All these statistics always point to show how strong the France economy is. At the same time, it is one of the benefits you are likely to enjoy when you are doing business in the country.

Despite a good rail and economic prospects, France also have its own problems especially when it comes to doing business. This means there are some problems that you will face as you pursue your business in France.

On that note, lets look at some of the few hiccups that you might encounter when you want to start a business in France, and make more money on jeux casino en ligne.

Problems you Can Encounter in Setting Up a Business in France

As much as the economy in France is good and all that, there are some hiccups that you might come across in a bid to start up your business.

The main thing mostly to foreigners is the language barrier. The French people are very proud of their language and sometimes when you are a foreigner and you start speaking to them in English surely, they will not take it well.  So, you need to try to learn the basics of French so that you can communicate well when you are talking business deals.

Above all, to start a business in France you will need a residential visa and getting one is not a piece of cake. The process is a bit longer and there are a lot of paperwork that are involved.