Sometimes it can be a simple handshake or a larger-than-life business lunch, keep in mind that professional business protocol is very important in France. And at some point, the business etiquette in France are way different from other countries in the world.

Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to walk you through the minefield of French business customs and culture. On that note, we have come up with some few points on business etiquette that can surely assist you land some important business deals in Paris or Lyon.

Address others using ‘Monsieur’ or ‘Madame’

Keep in mind that formalities are highly regarded in France. This simply means that you need to make sure that you address all your superior with Monsieur’ or ‘Madame’. We have realised that most people who are not French residents who come to France to do business fail to do this properly. Therefore, if you want to make a good impression, you must have a high level of politeness and you should make sure you present yourself well.

 Introduce yourself Using Your First and Last Name

A French business environment is quite different from other countries whereby you will introduce yourself with a last name, in France it’s a different story. In France you must make sure that you introduce yourself with your first and last name. Moreover, you must make sure that you memorize the names of your business associates. A good practice that you can use so that you won’t forget their name is making sure that you call them by their names whenever you are having a chat. That will make them see how serious you and how good you are in communicating.

Wear Quality Business Attire, Mostly on Fridays

First impression whenever you attend a business meeting in France is actually essential. If you put on quality and classy attires and jewellery surely that will make you earn a lot of points when you attend a business meeting. There is a concept of casual Fridays in most countries in the world. Well, this concept does not work in France. Don’t turn up in a meeting rocking sneakers and jeans in France. You need to look like someone who surely mean business and the way you dress will surely do the job for you. Your associate will surely take you seriously whenever you air a suggestion during the meeting.

Keep your Professional and Personal Life Separate

The French business people purely prefer to keep their professional and personal business very separate. They believe it is the only and the best way of making sure that they maintain a much-needed consistent structure and formality during working hours as well as in the workplace.

Above all, it highly recommended that you keep your discussions mainly business without asking personal questions. This means you don’t have to talk about someone else’s personal life or family during business meetings. Rather you can do that after talking business rather.