From Paris with love. Is that the sentiment everyone has whenever they depart from this modern city? Well, there are quite a number of ways that can be used to sell Paris to anyone who has not fallen in love with it just yet.

Besides Paris being a good place for business and work opportunities, it is also a great place that will offer you uniqueness of its lifestyle, the beautiful streets along with its rich culture. There is no doubt that Paris is a dream destination for many business people across the continent.

This is because there is such a great work along with economic dynamism. As if that is not enough a lot of business people love doing business in France, Paris simply because of the convenience as well as the excellent infrastructure.

On that note, lets take a quick look on what Paris has to offer when it comes to business opportunities.

Population & Workforce

There are quite a number of big cities in the European continent and Paris is not an exception. Paris is a very big city. The whole region encompasses of 21.1 million population along with 9.1 million visitors. These visitors mainly occupy the main conference as well as the exhibition centres. These places occupy over 4 million tourists.

The workforce in Paris is highly trained and qualified and they offer professional business services to its clients and stakeholders. The region of Paris occupies 23.1% of all the jobs that are available in France like Nevertheless, the working population in Paris is aged between 25 and 39. Amongst these, 39% are women and 49% are university graduates that have an international focus when it comes to doing business.

Business and Economics

Paris is not only a tourism destination whereby you can go and witness the beauty of the Eiffel Tower. Rather, it is the best place you can pursue some great business opportunities. It is the greatest place with a major business hub. Paris is also known for hosting the world’s best 500 corporate headquarters.

Moreover, Paris hold 30.3% of France’s GDP. That is actually equivalent to the one of the Netherlands. In addition, it is having the highest GDP in Europe consisting of 500 million European consumers.

If you are seeking for the greatest business opportunity, surely Paris is the a very thoughtful place that will offer you your dream business. The city is well known as the city of opportunity, influence along with attractiveness mostly when it comes to a potential investor.

There is no business in Paris that is not doing well. All of businesses from small to big they are all thriving in the French city. From insurance, logistics and food industry, all these businesses are making the Paris economy to blossom day by day.

Moreover, all of this is summed up with a good export rate with countries such as the USA, Germany, and the UK. These are top three business partners that have been working with France in boosting it economy through various businesses.